Weight Loss Specialist

Lori Lambert, M.D.

OB-GYN located in Orlando, FL

While the formula for weight loss seems a simple matter of burning more calories than you consume, everyone who has struggled with body weight knows there’s more to it than that. Dr. Lori Lambert and the team at her obstetrics and gynecology practice in Orlando, Florida, know that doctor-supported weight loss efforts give you a better chance of success. There are new tools in the battle against obesity. Call or schedule an appointment online today to learn how Dr. Lambert can help.

Weight Loss Q & A

How does Dr. Lambert and her team support my weight loss efforts?

When diet and exercise aren’t enough, Dr. Lambert turns to an approach built around the prescription medication Contrave®. As well as prescribing this medication, Dr. Lambert monitors your progress through monthly office visits, providing diet and fitness counselling as part of a complete weight loss program.
Your weight and blood pressure are monitored and any required lab work may be ordered. An effective weight management process aims at sustainable lifestyle changes that become part of your daily life, rather than the pattern for most fad diets that may work over a short term, but don’t provide long-term health improvements.

What is Contrave and how does it work?

Contrave is a blend of two medicines that have been used on their own for years to treat other conditions. Bupropion helps patients quit smoking and is also prescribed as an antidepressant. Naltrexone treats alcohol and opioid addiction.
Combined in extended release capsules for Contrave’s formula, these drugs address two centers in the brain. Hunger urges from the hypothalamus are suppressed, while simultaneously restricting the reward mechanism that makes eating satisfying. Combined, these actions reduce feelings of hunger and food cravings that often undermine your best efforts to keep your diet on track.
How the neurochemical effect of Contrave affects hunger isn’t known, but its results are well-tested and documented. Long-term studies show that, compared in blind study groups, patients using Contrave lost between two and four times as much weight as those in control groups. Dr. Lambert has personally seen a patient whose weight loss totaled 13% of her body weight in five months, using Contrave as part of a medically supervised weight loss program.

Is Contrave safe?

As with most prescription medication, Contrave may produce side effects and isn’t appropriate for all patients. However, its component medicines have a long history treating other conditions and have been proven effective with low risks of associated conditions.

Is Dr. Lambert’s weight loss program covered by health insurance?

Yes. The monthly office visits, lab work, and, in most cases, the cost of the medication is covered by insurance though co-pays and deductibles under some insurance plans may apply.