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Lori Lambert, M.D.

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Board-certified OB/GYN Dr. Lori Lambert advocates for women’s sexual health, helping them overcome issues such as vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, and the inability to orgasm. She has the expertise and experience to administer the O-Shot®, which is a safe and effective treatment to enhance your sexual health. To learn more, call the office in Orlando, Florida, today or book your appointment online.

Sexual Health Q & A

What is sexual health?

Your sexual health is a natural part of your makeup. It involves you physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially, and contributes to your state of well-being. 

When you fully participate in sexual activity, it requires a connection between your sex organs, hormone-producing glands, and brain. The entire experience should bring your body pleasure.

If your sexual health affects your relationship in a negative way, or if you find that your sex drive has decreased, you can take proactive steps to change it for the better.

What can cause sexual health dysfunction?

Your sexual health can suffer for various reasons, including:

  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Unable to become aroused
  • Inability to climax or orgasm
  • Lack of interest in sex

Acknowledging your sexual issues is the first step to getting help. Dr. Lambert has the expertise to give guidance and counseling on how to achieve optimal sexual health.

How can I treat my sexual health dysfunction?

Dr. Lambert recommends the O-Shot® to improve your sexual health and satisfaction. This nonsurgical treatment is just for women and addresses issues such as vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy, and orgasmic disorders.

The O-Shot can also reduce urinary stress incontinence by replenishing your vaginal tissue and pelvic floor that supports your bladder.

How does the O-Shot work to enhance sexual health?

The O-Shot uses a blood derived growth factor (also known as platelet-rich plasma or PRP) to stimulate your body’s natural ability to heal and boost cell growth, delivering oxygen and other nutrients to your vaginal tissues. It repairs your vagina, makes sex much more pleasurable, and helps your ability to orgasm.

To administer the O-Shot, Dr. Lambert draws a small sample of your blood. She then puts it in a centrifuge to separate out your PRP serum to isolate the growth factors in your blood. Once it’s ready, she injects it into specific areas in your vagina.

The procedure isn’t painful, and the treatment only takes about an hour. You can then get back to your regular activities, including intercourse.

For optimal results, you should have four treatments, waiting 9-12 weeks in between. Because your body takes some time to create new cells and improve your vaginal tissue, you should notice results within 6-9 weeks.

You may want to continue with O-Shots every two years to experience your enhanced sex life.

If you’re struggling with sexual health issues, such as vaginal dryness, sexual dysfunction, or incontinence, call Dr. Lambert today or make an appointment online to learn more about the O-Shot.