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Lori Lambert, M.D.

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Dr. Lori Lambert is a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist who practices in Orlando, Florida. She offers well-woman exams, preventive screening and other gynecologic care to women of all ages.

Annual Well-Woman Exam Q & A

What's a Well-Woman Exam?

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), an annual well-woman exam is an excellent opportunity. It offers a chance to identify problems early, promote better health habits and provide patient education. For most women, a well-woman exam should take place annually, but at least every other year. In addition to reproductive health and related issues, a well-woman exam includes screening and preventive activities such as immunizations.

What's Included in a Well Woman Exam?

Certain aspects of a well-woman exam are the same for all women, while others vary depending on age and medical history. For example, a physical exam is always included, as is a health history. For many women, a well-woman exam includes a pelvic exam and may also include a clinical breast examination. These exams typically include domestic violence screening and may include STD testing, depending on risk factors such as multiple sex partners.

Why is Well-Woman Care Important?

“An ounce of prevention...” Many chronic health conditions develop over time. When trends like weight gain or signs of menopause at a young age are identified early, it provides an opportunity to intervene and help the patient make changes before problems become serious. A well-woman exam is also a time to talk about intimate and even embarrassing matters like vaginal dryness or lack of sexual desire. Regular exams build a trusting relationship between doctor and patient that promotes such discussions.

Who Needs Well-Woman Care?

No matter what her age, every woman needs well-woman care. Although reproduction and gynecological issues are a major focus of well woman care, women have many other health needs that can be addressed during a well-woman exam. For example, some birth control methods have side effects that can affect overall health. Mental health issues such as post-partum depression should be addressed. The older woman who is past menopause is at higher risk of heart disease and osteoporosis; she should be screened and, if necessary, treated for both conditions.

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